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Natural Beauty


We are an AVEDA Pure Privilege Day Spa. We provide a relaxing and holistic atmosphere featuring environmentally friendly products and services which are not only relaxing to our clients but have a positive effect on nature and our surroundings. 

Main entrance to Salon de Le Soleil in Gilmer, TX

Our Features

You will love


No animal testing

With our products, a large portion are produced with environmentally friendly wind power and our packaging is made of recycled materials.


Wellness Amenities

We have spent our lives in the Health, Beauty and Fitness industry and have brought the most exciting & beneficial services home to you, our guests. Our amenities are a collection of the most relaxing, sought after and therapeutic Spa Experiences ever gathered together in one place.



Our products prove that what can be good for us can also be good for the planet!


Advanced Tech

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities. One of them include payment options such as AfterPay and Cherry. Get with us for further information!

Spa and Wellness
Aveda Logo to natural & organic products
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