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We are a family run AVEDA Day Spa that has been serving the Gilmer/ Longview are for over a dozen years. Jaime Tennison is a 3rd generation Stylist/ Salon Owner who has taken her years of interest in holistic healing & meditation, environmental regeneration, and belief in positive mental energy and integrated them into a Spa that not only can change the way you you look on the outside, but how you feel about yourself on the inside as well.

Organic products, essential spa products and equipment
Nature, natural, organic, Aveda
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"Our goal is to rejuvenate your body from scalp to soul"

-Jaime Tennison, Spa Owner

"Let us help you not only look your best on the OUTSIDE but FEEL your best on the INSIDE"

-Jim Tennison, Club Soleil 24 Owner, NPC Athlete & Personal Trainer


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